God's World AG

1025 E. Fry Blvd, Sierra Vista, Arizona 85635    (520) 458-2883


Welcome to God’s World Assembly of God on-line. Please visit with us on Sunday at our worship service/get to know you fellowship luncheon, that start at 11:00am. You will find the opportunity to connect with God and find new friendship in serving Christ our Lord.

Pastor: Rev. Lonnie R. Perry                    Associate Pastor: Vacant                 Minister:  Sung Augustine                          Elder: Chang Granata
Elder: Hyong Rivera

Deacon: Dave Berger                                     Deconess: Nan Cha Young                                                    Trustee:  Louis Augustine

Remote Deacons:  Homer Washington; Ki Washington


Board Member:  Louis Augustine                                                  Board Member: Vacant 

Treasurer:  Vacant                                          Business Administrator: Vacant
Youth Minister: Vacant
A/V Media Services: Frank Rivera

Secretary/Recorder: Vacant                                                                                                    Yard Maintenance Coordinator: Dave Berger                                                                      Sunday School Coordinator: Vacant
Praise Team Leader: Vacant

Piano:  Sung Augustine                                                                                                       Vocals:  

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